Candy Japan

A few months ago, I decided to subscribe to Candy Japan. Candy Japan is a subscription service which provides a random collection of candy from Japan twice a month. It costs $25USD/month, which is about £15GBP in the Queen's money.

Most recently, I got 4 things.

  1. CalorieMate (カロリーメイト). Appears to be some sort of chocolate flavoured energy snack / meal supplement. “Naturally suited for people on-the-go who need an easy source of energy and nutirtion-at breakfast, work, sports, study, or any other busy time”.
  2. Wakuwaku zukan gummies (わくわくずかんグミ). The name means something like exciting picture book gummies. The gummies are apple and grape flavoured, and are in the shape of various stages of a frogs life cycle! On the back there's the name of each frog stage. tomago(Egg) > otamaジャjakushi(Tadpole) > kaeru(Frog).
  3. Yakisoba mayonaise sauce flavour? snacks (yakisoba). They look like a pretzel flavoured snack, or maybe something similar to something in a balti mix. There also appears to be some mention of squid flavouring too. I think it says ikakonanerikomi, but it's quite hard to read such small kanji to my untrained eyes.
  4. Finally I got Soft Ramune Balls (ソフトラムネボール). They're kinda weird fizzy sweets, with a taffy like part too. I really like the packaging on this, it looks really funky.

All this from half of a £15/month subscription. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me!

written by Michael on 2014-12-25